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Affirm Northern Ireland is a registered Northern Ireland charity We are dedicated to helping Transgender, Intersex and None Binary individuals and their families through Peer Support, Advocacy and Training.

Welcome to AffirmNI

Our next peer support group will take place in Belfast

on Saturday the 10/06/17

at 2pm until 5pm

for more details please email


or telephone 02871261941

Please note that our ask A.N.I online chat support service currently offers an administrated chat room between the hours of 6pm through until 8pm on Saturday’s & Sunday’s only. Simply visit us via a browser and at the bottom right of your screen you will see an Orange coloured tab click on it to enter in to our chat room area where you will have the opportunity to register a username with us, or logon via FaceBook, Twitter or Google+ alternatively you are able to login as a guest user to remain anonymous. To Privately chat with one of our administrators simply click on the administrators i.d which will open a private conversation between you and them. It is important that you ask in chat for an administrator and they will be identifiable by a gold star on there avatar/photo.

For user protection and our own protection all chat conversations private or public are recorded to a secure database in which only a super administrator can see. The recorded chat scripts can be used in the event that there is reason to believe that someone is in serious danger of being hurt or harming themselves or where a criminal offence is believed to have being committed as stipulated in our Terms & Conditions

Registered with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission NIC102530

©Affirm Northern Ireland 2014 - 2017 All rights reserved

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