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Together we can do it.

AffirmNI is a community based support network for all Transgender, Gender queer & Intersexed people irrespective of your stage of transition, identity or sexual orientation. While we are primarily based in Derry ~ Londonderry we aim to serve  the whole of Northern Ireland & the border counties.

AffirmNI or A.N.I. as we like to call ourselves was established on September the 16th 2014 when a group of like minded individuals came together with a shared vision to help other Transgender individuals and their families.

A Brief History.

Several of AffirmNI members are also the founding members of another Foyle based group which thus far has been operating for four years. During our time with this group we have provided peer support to many Transgender identifying individuals & their families from across Northern Ireland & the border counties. Many of us have also been involved in the creation of a number of training DVD’s which were developed for statutory bodies like the Public Health Agency (PHA) and The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) we have also helped to put together and taken part in two annual conferences which were held in the Foyle area. Some of our members along with of our Facilitators have over the years created, lead and delivered workshops and training to professionals and LGBTINBH people throughout Northern Ireland.

About us

Our Aims & Objectives.

1) To assist Transgender individuals regardless of Gender Identity or stage in Transition in personal and social development.

2)To encourage growth in self esteem and general mental health and wellbeing and to promote self confidence and to help individuals to learn from shared experiences.

3) To help the Transgender community participate in our support group, to express views and play an active part in the planning and management of their own activities.

4) To assist Transgender individuals and or community to become aware of their/it’s rights and responsibilities as active members of society.

5) To promote the health and welfare and safety of the Transgender community at all times.

6) To support the families and friends of Transgender individuals in understanding the needs of the Transgender person.

7) To promote the advancement of human rights, equality and diversity within the Transgender community and the wider general public.

8) To raise awareness within the wider general public of issues concerning Transgender individuals and to promote peace and harmony for all.