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Hate Crime Reporting The Police Service operate an online form where you can inform us about any incident which is perceived to have been committed against another person because of their race, religion, political opinion, disability or sexual orientation. These incidents are commonly referred to as Hate Crime. Please click on the image below to report an incident and provide as much information as you can. You may need to switch off your web browser's Pop-Up blocker to access this form.

BeatBullying is an international bullying prevention charity working and campaigning to make bullying unacceptable, on the ground in the UK and across Europe.We believe that no one should endure the pain, fear or isolation of being bullied, and that everyone has the right to be safe from bullying, violence and harassment. BeatBullying stops bullying and keeps young people safe.

Cara-Friend seeks to support and empower the Lesbian, Gay, Bsiexual, Trans and Questioning community across Northern Ireland by offering social, emotional and family support through our services. These include Gay and Lesbian Youth NI (GLYNI) a youth service dedicated to the social and emotional development and wellbeing of young LGBTQ people. The LGBT Switchboard which provides a listening ear for anyone who needs support, information or just someone to talk to in confidence. Family Ties which provides practical information, guidance and support to parents, guardians and family members who are coming to terms with a child who has revealed themselves to be LGB&/T as well as sexual orientation and gender identity awareness training for schools, pupils and professionals across Northern Ireland.  Contact: Mail: patrick.anderson@cara-friend.org.uk

SAIL – Support, Acceptance, Information, Learning SAIL aims to support parents, families, carers and individuals who are living with gender variance. SAIL particularly focus on support for the families of gender non-conforming/ Transgender children and adolescents and strives to raise awareness of gender issues amongst health and education professionals as well as across the public and private sector. With the right support and treatment pathway young people can be supported to find a solution to their conflict and experience a positive journey to adulthood. If you or a member of your family are travelling the path of gender variance you may feel alone. SAIL can offer you Support, Acceptance & Information so that those around you can Learn and walk with you.

Contact details:

Email:- sail@transgenderni.com or simon@transgenderni.com

Telephone:- 07510228411 or 07443611317

Website:- www.transgenderni.com

Twitter:- @SAIL_NI

Facebook:- www.facebook.com/SAIL_NI.1

Gender Identity Clinic (Belfast Northern Ireland)

Gender Identity Service,

Centre for Psychotherapy,

Shimna House,

Saintfield Rd,



Telephone:- 02890 638854


TransgenderNI is a support website for for anyone seeking information around the issues of gender variance in Northern Ireland.

Website:- www.transgenderni.com

Trans Media Watch



Website:- www.wpath.org/site_home.cfm

LGBT Consortium
We are a national membership organisation focusing on the development and support of LGBT groups, projects and organisations; so they can deliver direct services and campaign for individual rights.



A community group for the young transgender community in Northern Ireland, based mostly in the Belfast area. We bring young transgender, gender variant, questioning and intersex people together and create resources to help the community in Northern Ireland. We also provide individual support for young people experiencing difficulty with housing, education, healthcare and other issues that affect the trans community in the region.

Web:- www.genderjam.lgbt

Facebook:- fb.com/GenderJamNI

Twitter:- @GenderJamNI

Email:- info@genderjam.lgbt

Phone:- 02890966819

Belfast Butterfly Club

The Belfast Butterfly Club is a support network for Transgender people and their families. By providing education and information, we seek to increase awareness, overcome discrimination and achieve equality.

Web:- http://www.belfastbutterflyclub.co.uk/nojava/index_nojava.htm

Email:- trans@belfastbutterflyclub.co.uk or linda.marshall@belfastbutterflyclub.co.uk